Oh, give me just a minute, just a second,
I got a get it
Ain't no competition, when you're winning,
That you know that your love is,
I really don't appreciate it,
Keep all you like doing always be true,
Cause I know how love make me feel,
Like I could be dreaming cause you can't be real.

And it makes,
It makes me so happy!
Yes it makes,
Yes it makes me cry!
And I know you're looking at me,
Probably think you won, baby!
Excuse me if I'm sounding crazy,
But you
Been open and waiting,

Love me like you do,
Have a
Give me what you give to me,
Tell me in the kitchen, fixing dinner,
Make me wanna cook and clean,
Just to see you smiling at me.
Baby you don't even have to ask me!
Don't kill and if it makes you happy,
And love makes me feel like I could be dreaming,
Cause you can't be real!


Let me explain why I'm acting this way
Your love takes me higher, higher!

[Chorus: x3]

Written By Lamb, Cainon / Sullivan, Jazmine / Elliott, Missy / Weisman, Ben / Sands, Evie / Germinaro, Richard

Lyrics © EMI Music Publishing, Universal Music Publishing Group, MASS CONFUSION