You say we need to talk like I don't know
You start speaking soft trying to break it to me slow
You say you think you need some time away from us
Baby let me beat you to the punch

It's too late, it's all gone
You had your chance, you took too long
Like you always do, I wont wait for you
It's not a game, it's not your choice
Must be strange to hear my voice saying
Don't come back this time
It's too late for goodbye

After all the hell you've put me through
When you start cryin' I didn't feel bad for you
In fact it kind of made me smile to see all those tears
It's the least that you could do for me my dear


I know where I'll be
Somewhere you won't find me
In the arms of someone new
Who ain't a damn thing like you


It's too late for goodbye


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