Futuristic Love By Yung La

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Futuristic Love

Yung La

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(Naughty B, Naughty B)
Ladies hands up
Puerto Rican & Elroy Jetson
Yeah (Young LA) Yeah
Come on!

[Chorus: x2]
Shawty gone and hop in my ride
I'm talking bout that futuristic love are you with it
I think I wanna Elroy you (ooo girl)
So come sex me
With that stupid fruity swag tell me what it's gone be

It's Young Elroy
What's up Babydoll
I love your slim waist & long hair barbie doll
I can be your Ken
Your homie, lover, friend
Candle lit ooo baby we can get it in
Futuristic loving
R & B thuggin
Looking in the mirror
Even hit the dougie
Left hand behind my head
I'm tryna rock the bed
Elroy ya then fall asleep between ya legs
I'm a make your beg
Daddy bring here
Wood on deck
Shawty you can get it here
Ladies stand up
Throw your hands up
Stupid fruity love
Cause baby this the anthem

[Chorus: x2]

Five one, brown skin, itty bitty waist
110, long hair, with the baby face
Like Babyface
She got whip appeal
She ain't nothing but a stallion in stiletto heels
Can you picture that?
I tried to paint it clear
Space Age 6 bout to take us outta here
Swagg mixed with flavor
Don't you like my swagger
I'm a hit you right now then hit you later
I gotta foreplay with ya all night shorty
Straight put ya in the buck full dog shorty
Ladies stand up
Throw ya hands up
Futuristic loving
This the anthem

[Chorus: x2]

It's another one
Young L A
It's ya boy Puerto Rican
Figured we could like smoke something
You wanna get on my spaceship?

[Chorus: x2]


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