Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom
Bada bum ba dum boom
Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom

I called you on a Thursday, I waited for your call, you didn't respond to me yea
And I called you on a Friday, you didn't respond, I've been waiting patiently,
Baby boom boom
I can't wait no more
Somebody else is sniffin' at my dress hey
Somebody is checkin for a sista, and I'm sorry you're about to get left

Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom,
Boom, boom boom boom, boom boom boom, boom boom boom, boom

I mean I've been waiting patiently for you my dear I can't believe that I would lower my stee-lo
For the call from you
But you just won't do 'cause you just don't love me at all
I mean,
I been holdin' it down, I been holdin' it down
And I really don't have to
Ah yea
I've been wanting you so badly but sadly, madly, you don't want me too
So I say


I'm sorry I had to drop the bomb this way, I mean there's a lot of things I could say
I could tell you that I really wanted to be with you
But you don't feel me you can't hear me
I, I got to make this next move. I gotta do what a sista gotta do
And if that hurts you well then it hurts you.
I gotta make a move, I'm gonna do it too like

Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom-oom boom boom-oom boom boom-oom boom
Its all boom
I'm like boom
Its like boom

I gotta do what I gotta do son
Grown woman making decisions and choices
Utilizing everything inside of me
My soul my heart my mind my voices
So maybe in the middle of the night
When the dreams just ain't goin' right
I could use a tug, a hug, a kiss something strong
Something fit for a queen, something passionate, someone with esteem
A king that'll knock a sista down like boom

You can hold me close, kiss me nice, talk to me in the moonlight.
You can take my hand, be that strong man you can.
Hold me close make me feel so good and strong as steel,
'Cause I am, I just need you man.

I need to get closer to where I was meant to be
I need to be closer to where I need to be, hey
Talk to me in my ear, tell me things that I need to hear.
Don't always have to be nice, don't always have to be.
But I need the truth from you, come and give it to me soon, 'cause I need you.
I can't take all of this without lovin'

Tired of bein' strong all day,
I need to get to know you in a familiar way
I can handle it all but in the middle of the night I need something right,
I need you to get closer
Come a little bit, come a little bit closer boy
I need you to get closer too.

Can you feel the fire in me?
I need to make it burn baby
Its all about the way you do what you do,
I'm looking for the King in you, let me see it soon.

Closer, closer, come closer to me, hey
I need you to come closer


Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, JELLYBEAN MUSIC GROUP