Make Ringtones for Kyocera Phones

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Adreno S2400 (TNT)

C5120 (Milano)

C5155 (Rise)

C5170 (Hydro)

E1100 (Neo)

E2000 (Tempo)

E3100 (Rio)

K127 (Marbl)


KX9 (Milan)

M1000 (Wild Card)

M1400 (Laylo)

M2000 (X-tc)

S1000 (K126c)

S1300 (Melo, JAX)

S1310 (Domino)

S1350 (Presto)

S2100 (Luno)

S2300 (Loft, Torino)

S4000 (Mako)