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Tech 9

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About Tech 9
This is the story of four guys growing up in the same neighbourhood, coming from the same background, who went to the same school, played for the same football club and who shared a love for punk rock-music. Going to shows in the late seventies and early eighties, they decided to form a band of their own. When they started out in 1982 they had no musical experience, no equipment, no money and no clue what they were getting into. Eventually they got the ball rolling and they started rehearsing. At first it wasn't pretty but they were having a lot of fun on stage, so they recorded some demo-tapes. By that time the punk rock-scene was declining but true survivors as they were, they hung in there, and they were happy to do shows opening for great punk bands who came to play in Holland. In the early nineties hardcore-punk was becoming more and more popular and the guys were surprised when they were invited to record an album. By that time they had changed the band name to "Tech-9", and ... Read More

Career Started: 1990
Tags: punk, oi, hardcore, rock, industrial,