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About Hello Goodbye
Hello Goodbye is a Scandinavian union of Swedes, Lisa Lundkvist (vocals) and Johannes Kanschat (drums), and Norwegians Frode Fivel (guitar and vocals) and Alex Kloster-Jensen (producer and guitar). Following the release of 7" African Nights (1999) on the label Smalltown Supersound, they soon became favourites in the Norwegian underground music scene. Another highlight of 1999 was playing with Hello Goodbye-fans Yo La Tengo at So What in Oslo. Due to Lisa's art studies they moved to Gothenburg, Sweden in 2000. Hello Goodbye were soon adopted to the Swedish music scene, and the same year they played the Emmaboda festival, receiving great attention in Swedish media. Hello Goodbye was then becoming a quartet with extra guitarist Alex, from the Norwegian garage band Ricochets. Alex also produced Heart Attack (2002), recorded in Gothenburg in 2001, their debut album. Heart Attack has received panegyric reviews in Norway. The critics have compared them to artists like the Velvet Underg ... Read More

Career Started: 2001
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