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About Lizard
There are at least 5 bands by the name of Lizard. 1. An Australian funk rock band 2. A Polish progressive rock band 3. A Japanese punk, new wave band (use LIZARD) 4. An Australian progressive rock band 5. A German southern rock band 1. An Australian funk rock band from Sydney. After 10 years in the making,local Sydney funk rocker's Lizard, have finally completed their first full length debut album called If a ...but a ... did I? . Hailing from the Hawkesbury the band was formed by bassist Jason "widebelly" Dowse and guitarist/singer/tree lopper/& brother in law Matt Charnley.with a vision to fuse the blues of Hendrix with the power of rage against the machine the pair embarked on a mission to recruit the right combination to complete the lineup. After several lineup changes,new haircut's,& fresh grooves the pair decided to expand & settled with ex N.R.N.R. guitarist rob chapple and began worki ... Read More

Career Started: 1990
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