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About Joan Red
Joan Red is: Anthony Basurto - Vocals, Cooper Nichols - Guitar, Joel Wilson - Guitar, Jeff Anderson - Drums, Brandon Vatter - Bass, With a sound all their own and a front man with the voice to carry it, Joan Red is re-defining modern rock... and the new definition rolls like this: rock- (noun)- pronounced (rok) - JOAN RED; Powerful choruses and catchy hooks driven by thunderous guitars and driving beats. It's music that takes you to another place. A place where fans push to the front of the stage decked out in black and red to pledge loyalty to a band that most have never heard of. A place where fists pump in the air and the crowds know the words to every song. This isn't just a band. This isn't just a gig. Welcome to a place where every show is an unforgettable "rock experience". Welcome to JOAN RED. Formed in late 2006, the band wrote and recorded it's first EP "Spread The Red" at Paul Ebersold's 747 studios in 2007 and began playing local venues and building a buzz. In Se ... Read More

Career Started: 2006
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