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Nicholas Fisker Nielsen, better known by his stage name DJ Splash or simply Splash, is a popular Danish disk jockey. Popular songs by this DJ include "Flying High", "Bass Is Kicking", "Always and Forever", "Crying Soul" as well as countless others. Nick started using FL Studio in early 2002, when a friend recommended it to him. He started posting his tracks to his website (which he since has deleted) and from there they rose to popularity. Although Splash is known for his later work, some songs from those early days include "Once Again", "No Limit", and "Enjoy the Sound". In May 2005, Splash joined popular Hands up forum Euroadrenaline where artists such as Dan-J, Boosterz Inc, and Stian K remixed his work. It was there (at the age of 14) that Splash produced the tracks he is known for, such as "Bass is Kicking" and "This is My Life". Since then, Nick has produced over 140 tracks, which have gained massive viewer ship on popular video sharing website Youtube. Contrary to popular ... Read More

Career Started: 2005
Tags: trance, techno, united states, club, euro-trance,