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Multiple artists exist under this name. Seven are mentioned below. 1. Part of the French dubstep label 7even Recordings, where he produces forward-thinking techno-oriented dubstep. He released an album in 2010 called Energy Distortion. 2. F is a crossover band from the Netherlands. In 2007, a year after forming the band, the foursome released its first album, called Fantastiez. It's filled with a combination of rock, funk, rap and pop. In 2010, F developed the Continue Release Concept, in which they release a new single and music video every six weeks. Every released song of F also starts with the letter F. 3. F was a Punk band from Florida. They formed in 1982 in Florida and released their first 12-inch record You Are An E.P. a year later. Prior to its release, the band broke up into two bands - one punk rock and the other '70s-style heavy metal - with the same name and performing the same songs in their respective styles. An LP combining the "You Are An E.P." & "Mess You Up ... Read More

Career Started: 2006
Official Website: http://www.mercuryfiles.com
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