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Fabo is super weird. His voice is a Funkadelic sing-growl and his songs are mostly about encounters with women, told in step-by-step detail--the woman posessing almost supernatural qualities that forever change how he thinks. Why is there still no solo album, recording industry? After the jump check Nick Barat's Gen F on Fabo from F41. Rocket Man Fabo keeps Atlanta cosmic Story Nick Barat Photography Bryan Meltz Last year, the ultra-minimal doont doont SNAP, doont doont SNAP of D4L's "Laffy Taffy" morphed from obscure Atlanta single to national phenomenon in a matter of months, generating million-selling ringtones and ubiquitous, never-ending radio play. The song's highly vocal detractors appeared just as fast. "We would go into radio stations on promo, and the DJs would think it's a joke," says D4L member Fabo. "'Man I didn't even like this music,' or whatever, 'but my kids keep playing it and people keep calling in.' That's a compliment?" Legions of "Laffy Taffy" haters might hav ... Read More

Career Started: 2005
Tags: snap music, pop rap, southern hip hop, crunk, dirty south rap,