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About DR
1. DR (Danmarks radio) is Denmarks national broadcating corporation that (more or less) monopolised radio and tv services in Denmark until 1988. Danmarks Radio comprises five FM/DAB-stations: P1, P2 (classical music and culture), P3 (young people) ,P4 (nine regional stations) and P5. Since 1996 DR has transmitted radio on the Internet, including daily transmissions of Radioavisen (news) and Orientering (current affairs magazine). In 1999 DR introduced a new activity, DR Classical (with P2 and other classical music around the clock), which is accessible via satellite dish reception or cable and on the Internet. DR also offers 26 radio channels on DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) and the Internet. 2. DR is also an abbreviation for the band 'Demonic Resurrection'. 3. DR are also working feverishly on a very special remix for Tough Cookie act The Shakes' upcoming single 'A Better Life'. Watch this space for more on this one... 2006 saw DR release 2 special edition digital singles: ... Read More

Career Started: 2000
Official Website: http://www.davidoyedepoministries.org
Tags: pop, rap, hip hop, alternative hip hop, new jersey,