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About Fabulous
Fabulous were a British prank rock band formed in 1991 by NME journalist Simon Spence (a.k.a. Dudfield) and NME photographer Martyn Goodacre, initially under the name Baggy. History: The original line up included Spence (vocals), Goodacre (guitar), Russell Underwood (guitar), Kieron "Ronnie Fabulous" Flynn (bass) and Robert "Hodge" Hodges (drums). Briefly called Baggy, the band were managed by NME features editor James Brown who claimed that the exploits of Fabulous were the inspiration behind his later creation of Loaded magazine. Their debut single "Destined To Be Free" was released on Heavenly Records in November 1991. The sleeve was designed by Screamadelica artist Paul Cannell (HVN 11). "Destined To Be Free" was made "Single of The Week" in the NME. The band were at the centre of much controversy over their often-brief live shows and obscene Cannell-designed T-shirts. Jacqui and Carrie of future Shampoo fame often appeared on stage with the group and ran their fan club. Mal ... Read More

Career Started: 1991
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