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Jim Sturgess (born May 16, 1981) is an English actor and singer-songwriter. His breakthrough film role was in the 2007 musical Across the Universe, in which he played and sung the role of Jude. He has remained active as a musician throughout his time being known as an actor, maintaining a selection of songs on his MySpace page, some of which were performed for movies and with others credited to previous bands of his such as Saint Faith and Dilated Spies. In addition to performing a number of covers of The Beatles' songs as Jude in Across the Universe, he has also contributed songs to soundtracks for other films of his, including 21 (2008) and Heartless (2009). As of October 2011, he is known to be currently working on a project called Tragic Toys with his girlfriend Mickey O'Brien (who is also known as Ladyburden and tours as a keyboardist with La Roux.) Read More

Career Started: 1994
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