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1.) Strings is a Pakistani pop/soft rock group. They were there when the new wave of Pakistani Pop was breaking on the local media beachhead, post-Nazia and Zoheb, post-Alamgir and post-Muhammad Ali Shehki. They were there when music videos, in their most primitive form, started creating a commotion in the local music industry, changing the way music was listened to forever. They were there scoring hits, playing shows and signing autographs, fully enjoying the lifestyle of post-'80s pop stars. Then, it seems, they disappeared from the face of the pop universe. After a lengthy gap, they returned with one of the biggest records Pakistan has heard in the last ten years, almost erasing from memory the period of hibernation with a string of jangly, synthesized hits and snappy videos. They are, Bilal Maqsood (Urdu: بلال مقصود)and Faisal Kapadia (Urdu: فیصل کپاڈیا). Strings started with four college students (Bilal, Faisal, and two friends) in 1990, when they came out w ... Read More

Career Started: 1988
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