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Born in Birmingham UK, Stevie Hoang moved to London at the age of 1. During his childhood he enjoyed casually playing the keyboard. Then at the age of 11 Stevie's parents saw a glimpse of the musical talent within him and persuaded him to take piano lessons. His musical skills began to develop further and at school he acquired the nickname "The Jukebox" due to his talent in playing numerous songs. After 5 years of piano lessons, Stevie's interest in classical music began to diminish and he started to listen to RnB and Rap music; his favourites being Will Smith, Boyz 2 Men, Dru Hill and Joe. After obtaining an A* in GCSE music, Stevie decided to take an A level in Music Technology at a collage in East London. After gaining a reputation as a promising young producer Stevie, at the age of 19, was signed to the independent record label Happnin Records.This was the first time he was given the chance to work in a professional studio and use top of the range equipment. Upon leaving the co ... Read More

Career Started: 2008
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