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About JB
What is JB's own personal philosophy on life? "Good business is followed by good business." If you treat others right then they'll treat you right. A self-described driven, laid back guy, JB knows that it takes more than just raw talent to reach the top. JB started rapping when he was just 13 years old. His cousin Sam was the first to get him into entertainment. She pushed him to do talent shows and to perform, and even though she passed away, he'd gotten a taste of it and wanted more. During his young adulthood JB encountered tough times and grew up with a parent on drugs. Dealing with the harsh environment that comes with a family of addicts, he struggled to find his place in life. But after a brief run in with the law, he realized he needed to wake up if he ever wanted to rise above the problems he saw in the world. Even with his difficult background, JB chooses to be positively influenced by what he sees in the world and music around him. Sick of all of the aggressive music ... Read More

Career Started: 2012
Tags: hip hop, rap, rock, club dance, gangster rap,