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About Deathrow
There are mutliple artists with this name: 1) Deathrow is a German Thrash Metal band. The first two albums displayed the kind of noisy Germanic thrash typical of the period (similar to bands like Destruction or Iron Angel), but switched gears a bit on the latter two albums, GANGA STYLE opting for a more progressive style based on complex thrash arrangements.Deception Ignored really showed some promise, though it was a bit disjointed in places, but despite critical acclaim, the band broke up after their fourth album, the lesser-known Life Beyond. 2) Deathrow is a Black metal band from Italy. A project by the drummer of Hiems (Ita) and Handful of Hate Gionata Potenti. 3) Deathrow, doujin artist part of the 堕武者グラインド circle, which AGAI and YURIA* are also part of. Read More

Career Started: 1985
Tags: thrash metal, metal, progressive metal, 80s, german thrash metal,