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About Tip
TIP is not an artist, TIP is a label named "TIP Records" Tip was also a handle for a module composer on the Amiga computer. Founded by The Infinity Project (Ron "Raja Ram" Rothfield & Graham Wood) in 1994 along with Ian St. Paul and Richard Bloor (Rikki Rokkit) TIP Records became quite possibly the most influential label in the history of Goa trance. Their compilations are responsible for getting a lot of todays psy-trance artists into this type of music and the early releases are heavily sought after among collectors. TIP never stayed to perfect a formula or cash in on the once blooming popularity of the goa sound - they were constantly moving forward, exploring new ideas. As a result of this, TIP was among the very first to introduce the darker side of goa trance and also had time to bring on the techtrance sound with Organic Noise before the label folded in 1998 after the collapse of their distributor, only to reappear as a partnership between Raja Ram and Richard Bloor under ... Read More

Career Started: 1994
Official Website: http://www.112acilservis.net
Tags: jazz, demoscene, goa, goa trance, psytrance artists,