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On September 11th, 1983, in Nashville, Tennessee, Thai Minh Ngo was born to Nga Huynh. Thai is the middle of three brothers. Raised by his mother most of his life after his father left the family. Three years passed, Thai and his family moved to San Jose, California where his mother found a job at a restaurant. He lived an innocent childhood while his parents struggled to put food on the table and care for him and his brothers. At the age of seven, he was left with memories that emotionally scarred him. His father kissed him and said goodbye while his family was eating dinner. He begged for his father to take him along, not knowing what was really going on due to the point Thai was still young. Things were awkward at that second in time that he cried all through the night, feeling as a part of him was missing leaving him alone and confused.In 1993, Thai's mother moved her family to Portland, Oregon to start a better life. Life did not get better it only got worse. Without a father ... Read More

Career Started: 1999
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