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According to NY-born, Switzerland-based trance man Sean Tyas, the electronic storm over the US Billboard Charts won't influence the music he makes one iota; he does, however, find it extremely encouraging. As main players of the scene jump ship to collaborate with artists Simon Cowell probably still has wet dreams about having discovered, Tyas' game-plan is to continue doing his own thing and wait for the kids to follow, as minds across the super-nation yield to electronic styles travelling from across the Atlantic. "In America, if you look at the average of people at dance music festivals, it's clear kids are really getting into it," asserts Sean. "Minds and tastes are being moulded at those events, so it's a really good time to have a crack at it and gain a bunch of fans right off the bat." As a result, there is no time like the present for Sean to try new things, he points out. While pushing forward on the same uptempo tip, the discovery of his year was that dubstep shares t ... Read More

Career Started: 1999
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