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Drawing on musical influences as diverse as pop, folk, and good old-fashioned rock 'n' roll, Josh Wilson's Life Is Not A Snapshot creates a rollicking atmosphere of electrically charged sonic satisfaction. From the jangling guitars on "Sing," to the thought-provoking cadence of "Before The Morning" and the Beatle-esque strains of "Do You Want To Know," Josh creates melodic flights of fancy that take you on a journey beyond what is to what should be. Fans will be compelled to sing along with his little-bit-rock 'n' roll treatment of "Listen," tap their toes to "How To Fall," and ponder along with the intimate ballad, "Right in Front of Me." On his richly textured, gently nuanced performance of the world's most famous hymn, "Amazing Grace," Josh Wilson directs listeners beyond the performance and toward the Giver of all good gifts. "We may live in snapshot moments," Josh says, "but those moments are not Life. Life is not one point in time but all of the points in time between drawin ... Read More

Career Started: 2004
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