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About Billy Mack
1. Billy Mack (real name Willy McDougal) was a blind pianist from Greensboro, NC. He recorded a number of deep soul/R&B 45s in the mid-late 1960s for the Tina and Phillips labels. 2. Billy Mack is the character played by Bill Nighy in the 2003 British film Love Actually. His contribution to the film and its soundtrack, "Christmas Is All Around", is a Christmas-themed re-write of the Troggs' "Love Is All Around". That song was chosen because writer/director Richard Curtis had used a version of it (by Wet Wet Wet) in his 1996 hit, Four Weddings and a Funeral). In the film, Mack lobbies to make "Christmas Is All Around" the Number One for Christmas. The song has been released as a single in the UK charts, and made it to number 26. Read More

Career Started: 1975
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