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Richard Serrell, better known by his stage name Richie Rich, is a rapper from Oakland, California. He is currently signed to Mack 10's Hoo-Bangin' Records. Music career: Early years (1987-99): His rapping style had an influence on Snoop Dogg. In Snoop's own words " The reason I formed 213 with Warren G and Nate Dogg is because Richie Rich had a group called 415. I was lovin' his style and voice which I incorporated into my style when I first started rapping. " Richie Rich first entered music in the late 1980s with the group 415. With D-Loc, DJ Daryl, and JED, Rich crafted a Bay Area album in 1989 called 41Fivin, which sold well around the Bay Area and spawned a Richie Rich solo album in 1990, titled Don't Do It. As the group was ready to sign a major-label contract with Priority Records in 1990, however, Richie Rich was arrested for possession of cocaine. 415 released its next album and faded from the scene soon after, while Rich sat in jail; he was released a year later, ... Read More

Career Started: 1986
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