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''We quickly realized that the success of the record propelled us into the busiest season of our life together. Weariness set in and we found ourselves in desperate need of rest, both physical and spiritual. In the midst of the busyness we penned the songs for Open Your Doors, which released on April 3rd, 2012. The record is meant to chronicle the past year of our life on the road, from our strivings and shortcomings to our ultimate need to rest and abide in Christ. The title, Open Your Doors, comes from the bridge of the second track, Abide. The bridge pleads, "Open up your doors, oh my heart and soul. Open up your doors. Let the King come in." We hope that the record will serve as an encouragement to listener to open their hearts up to the Lord and find rest in His abiding love. We plan to spend most of the summer preparing for what looks to be an exciting fall. We're looking forward to playing the Lifelight Festival and hitting the road again with Sara Groves and Bebo Norman in ... Read More

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