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From his days of long hours as a truck driver to his third place finish on Season Eight of American Idol, Danny Gokey has always been a student of life. With an artist's eye for detail and an inquisitive spirit eager to learn from every situation, Gokey has soaked up more life experience than most people twice his age. From the joyful to the heartbreaking, those experiences infuse Gokey's 19 Recordings/RCA Nashville debut, My Best Days, a collection of songs that resonate with honest emotion and tap into the collective hopes and dreams that define life. In listening to the album, it is obvious Gokey has a strong sense of who he is as an artist and what he wants to say to his audience. There's a focus and a sense of purpose rarely found on a debut disc. "It's country, but it has a little different edge," says the Milwaukee native. "I want to create my own fingerprint, and I want my music to say something. I want to have an emotional connection, but at the same time, I want to ... Read More

Career Started: 2008
Official Website: http://www.dannygokey.com/
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