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About Man
There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Man are a rock band from South Wales with a cult following. Originally the second incarnation of Welsh rock harmony group The Bystanders, they are a band with 'more history than the Greeks', who are celebrating their 40th anniversary this year. Man's history is full of weird, colourful stories. Some stories include getting arrested in Belgium on both of their visits, brawling with an Icelandic audience, meeting the likes of Tommy Cooper and Bill Graham, their many line-ups, and so on. Man also have connections with bands like the Neutrons, Gentle Giant, Badfinger, Status Quo and Iceberg (Deke's band while he went solo). The Bystanders had been a pop harmony group in the 1960s, signed to Pye Records and living in London, who had released a few singles to no great success. But with the departure of singer Vic Oakley and the arrival of guitarist Deke Leonard in 1968, the band - Leonard, Micky Jones, Ray Williams, Clive John and Jeff ... Read More

Career Started: 1968
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