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Livvi Franc's music mirrors her ethnic background. Her music is a melange of music influences - pop, RnB, country, and soca. Her parents (Her English mother and Barbadian Father) exposed her to everything from Bob Marley to the Beatles, and on her own, she developed a love for artists such as Etta James, Nelly Furtado, Gwen Stefani, Lauryn Hill, The Cranberries, Alanis Morrisette and UB40. The young musician musical influences can be heard in her sound, which is an eclectic blend of retro pop meets modern-day pop complete with Livvi's quirky, soulful vocal styling. Livvi Franc's interest in the creative arts started from young. An accomplished visual arts student- she designs her own fabric- she began writing songs at age 10. "I did not really know what I was doing; I just had melodies and lyrics in my head, so I began jotting them down. By 14, I was recording myself singing (on my tape recorder) and sharing my songs with my family and friends," Livvi Franc adds, with a beauty pa ... Read More

Career Started: 2007
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