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Jeffree Star (born Jeffrey Lynn Steininger, November 15, 1985), is an American model, fashion designer, make-up artist, DJ, and singer-songwriter residing in the Los Angeles area. He is a pop star known for his outrageous makeup and tattoos as well as his fashion line and from his transgressive, genderfuck and gender-bending appearance and persona while calling himself "Queen of the Beautifuls". Star has leveraged his fame as an androgynous model and aesthetic talents to launch his own clothing line and forays into acting and DJing. Star was born in Orange County, California. His father died in his childhood thus Star was left alone while his working model mother went on assignments. He began experimenting with his mother's makeup at a young age, leading to an obsessive compulsive interest, and convinced his mom to let him wear make-up to school when he was in junior high. Plastic Surgery Slumber Party 2006-2007 Star's music career as an electronica and hip-hop vocalist began whe ... Read More

Career Started: 2006
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