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About Vinnie Paz
Vinnie Paz is the lyricist behind the Philadelphian underground hip-hop group Jedi Mind Tricks. Originally born Vincenzo Luvineri, Vinnie Paz's original rapping pseudonym was Ikon the Verbal Hologram. As a fan of boxing, he changed his name to Vinnie Paz, after the Rhode island boxer Vinny Paz. Vinnie originally started rapping with fellow Jedi Mind Tricks member Stoupe in his basement. Paz is known for his raw and gritty lyrical delivery. Contrary to popular belief, Vinnie does NOT have metal plates in his mouth. This is just a rumor, with an unknown source. Vinnie Paz has also made several appearances on other artists' tracks, such as Canibus. Along the same lines, Vinnie Paz is a lead member of the underground hip-hop collective group Army Of The Pharaohs, including such artists as King Syze and Planetary (of Outerspace fame) Read More

Career Started: 1992
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