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About Snake
There are two bands known by the name of Snake: 1) An Australian rock band from Brisbane. 2) An Uruguayan hard rock band from Montevideo. 1) Snake are an Australian rock band from Brisbane. In a similar vein to AC/DC & Rose Tattoo, Snake are among the new wave of good old rock and roll. Delivering Rock the way it was meant to be: loud and hard, it is in the live domain that this band truly shines. Snake has been delivering it's own brand of intoxicating rock to audiences all over Australia and New Zealand for some time. Countless live performancess, in front of rock-hungry audiences everywhere, have seen this band hone it's live sound into a stinging, precision attack. 2) Visit Snake's official website Read More

Career Started: 2000
Tags: rock, hard rock, rio de la plata, uruguay, country rock,