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About Glass
1) Welcome to the world of GLASS. Music transmitted into the future by a steam-driven machine, built by a Victorian child. Chiming guitars, rumbling bass and otherworldly synthesizers describe another world where people struggle to come to terms with being ghosts and wind-whipped trees sigh as they recount lost loves. Children in derelict train carriages stare through cracked, frosted windows while outside unidentifiable creatures roam surreal landscapes. Formed in York in mid-2008 by songwriter, singer and guitarist Alexander King from the ashes of the popular rock band AKP, GLASS represents a total change in every way from what has gone before. Truly art-driven and avant garde but without losing sight of melody and songcraft, GLASS also promise a theatrical, dramatic live show and a need to push boundaries. Compared to Roxy Music, The Cult, Wire, Christian Death, Talking Heads, Magazine and Pixies among others, GLASS are a new, old-fashioned dark sound of hope for people who r ... Read More

Career Started: 1968
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