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There are 3 bands named Rock City. (List the artists that share this name, ordered by their respective popularity on * #1-3 is the order from when formed). *#Band 2: Melbourne Australia's very own Rock City are made up of Lee Harding, Aaron Bateman, Fabian Mcloy, Mick Spencer and Chris 'Chucks' Evans. They came together afta Lee's previous band Bedrock split after his contract with SonyBMG came to an abrubt end. Rock City's very first single was titled "Little Man" and it's about Mick's son who was very ill. Rock City's sound is 80's rock remaniscent of bands such as Guns'n'Roses and Motley Crue with a hint of blues. They released their debut album "Welcome to Rock City" on October 1 2007 via independent record label Sound Vault records and have toured many times gaining fans along the way whilst supporting bands such as Airbourne. These boys def put the 'Rock' in Rock City. *#Band 1: Rock City was formed in Memphis in the late 1960's and was one of Chris Bell's pre-Big ... Read More

Career Started: 2000
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