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Jason Collett is a Canadian singer-songwriter. A member of Broken Social Scene, he also tours and records on his own. The best songs don't just tell a story set to music - they capture a moment, encapsulate a feeling and draw in the listener, in a way that's at once singularly personal and completely universal. When Toronto singer-songwriter Jason Collett was mulling over titles for his new album, the by-turns effervescent and elegiac Here's To Being Here, he stumbled across a line in an anthology of poetry by his friend Emily Haines' (Metric) late father Paul, a well-known avant-garde jazz poet. "I really love the simple sentiment of the title. I think of it as a toast, a raising of the glass to the notion of being present to the moment. Recording this record was all about that for me. Capturing the bits of spontaneous magic in the studio that are just the happy accidents of the day. For me there's a kind of unadorned celebratory ring to the phrase 'here's to being here'. There' ... Read More

Career Started: 1999
Official Website: http://www.jasoncollettmusic.com
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