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About Steel
There is more than one artist called Steel. 1. Steel was a short lived project of Dan Swanö, Mikael Åkerfeldt, Anders Nordin, and Peter Lindgren. They released one EP titled "Heavy Metal Machine" in 1998. The band was a tribute to 80's heavy and power metal and features lyrics about the greatness of metal and rocking all night long. 2. One of many aliases for: Martin Damm Martin Damm is responsible for an multitude of projects involved in the production of a broad range of exprimental electronic music. As well as his own labels Anodyne, Shockwave and Ozon, he produces music under various distinct guises. While Martin's best known pseudonym is as Biochip C, he also moonlights with happy hardcore mania as Search & Destroy, DJ Fistfuck and The Speedfreak and dabbles with the chilled-out journeys of Braindub, right on through the spectrum to acidic experimentation with R.I.C. and Psychic Parasite and the more house-oriented Subsonic 808. probably best known for his splitt Cd: ... Read More

Career Started: 2000
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