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PPL may refer to: Business: Pay per lead, method of marketing, Product placement, in marketing, Paid Personal Leave, Vacation, Companies and organizations: PPL (utility), formerly Pennsylvania Power and Light, Pakistan Petroleum Limited, Pakistani energy company, The People of Freedom, an Italian political party, Phonographic Performance Limited, British music industry organisation, Pfadfinder und Pfadfinderinnen Liechtensteins, Scouts and Guides of Liechtenstein, Pizza Pizza Limited, Pre-Paid Legal Services, company specialising in insurance and legal services, Pumpkin Patch, officially Pumpkin Patch Limited, a New Zealand children's clothing retailer, Professional Parcel Logistic, a Czech parcel delivery company, Science and technology: Periplakin, human gene for a structural protein, phospholipid (or commonly "phospholipid bilayer"), Plane polarized light - see Polarization (waves), Computer sciences: Python (programming language), computer language, Pol ... Read More

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