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LMNT is a boy band originating back in the 90's. The boy band is not your typical boy band, the group consists of 4 member instead of the traditional 5. (Other bands like LFO have joined in breaking the mold) LMNT is a diverse option to the typical boy band/pop vocal artist. Ikaika Kahoano wanted more than his allotted 15 minutes of fame. It wasn't enough that the 24-year-old Iolani School graduate became a member of the pre-fab boy band O-Town on ABC's "Making the Band" series back in March through May 2000. It was a group he would quit in disgust soon afterward, returning home to friends and family. The son of entertainers Kimo and Lynette Kahoano would soon form the group Ano with his younger brother Kamuela, with the encouragement of older brother Haku. Ikaika Kahoano's return home would last all of three months. Without a warning to his family, he headed for New York City to hook up with two "Making the Band" finalists he befriended, Bryan Chan and Mike Miller, to make anot ... Read More

Career Started: 2000
Official Website: http://www.elle.com/pop-culture/celebrity-spotlight/matthew-morrison
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