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About VersaEmerge
VersaEmerge was formed by former drummer Anthony Martone and guitarist/vocalist Blake Harnage back when both members were in high school. Although the duo instantly experienced regional success selling out their first ever gig and gaining critical acclaim in their local music scene, it wasn't until the band solidified their line-up--which currently includes guitarist Harnage and vocalist Sierra Kusterbeck--that things really started happening for this dedicated group of young adults. "When Sierra first tried out for the band we didn't know what to expect," Harnage explains, adding that the then sixteen-year-old female vocalist lied about her age in order to land an audition. "She's always been amazingly talented, but now she's learning how to use that talent to its full potential." At the age most of us would be concerned with sneaking into R-rated movies, VersaEmerge were busy crafting an EP of original material called Perceptions that attracted the attention of Fueled By Rame ... Read More

Career Started: 2005
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