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About Rangers
There are four bands with the name Rangers. 1) Rangers is Joe Knight from Dallas, Texas. He makes cosmic tape collages that are heavily rhythmic and psychedelic. He mixes bits and pieces of heavily processed and treated live recordings of guitar, keyboards, bass and percussion with samples of a wide variety of media (commercials, movie samples, jingles, etc.) and found sounds, culminating in long continuous pieces that are truly unique and captivating, but never boringly academic or overly abstract. You can download his music for free via his myspace or various blogs around the internet. 2) A Norwegian rock band from Arendal in the south of Norway. The band consists of Alan Always on vocals, Rex Bull on guitar and backing vocals, Wayne Shadow on bass, and Whip Justice on drums. Rangers has played festival gigs at Raumarock and Canal Street and also won the contest "Øresus" at Raumarock. 3) Rangers was a punk/melodic hardcore band from the city of Szczecin, Poland. It consisted ... Read More

Career Started: 2000
Official Website: http://www.rangers.no
Tags: country, pop, punk, folk, poland,