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There are 5 artists in the music industry with this name: Nikki Kerkhof, the winner of Dutch Idols season 4; Nicolette "Nikki" Louisa Palikat (Nikki Palikat), a finalist for Malaysian Idol 1; an Italian DJ who goes by the same name; as well as a dance/pop singer who recorded under the name in 1989; and a female R&B vocalist who has been recording with super-producer Brian Kennedy frequently over 2008 and 2009. #1 - Nikki Kerkhof won season 4 of Idols in The Netherlands. The finale aired on March 1st, 2008. Nikki's first single is titled 'Hello World'. It came out on March 3th, 2008. She released her first CD called 'Naked' on November 24, 2008. It features the tracks 'Bring Me Down' and 'What Did I Do'. Her second album, 'Let It Go', was released in 2010 and features the single 'Perfect Day'. #2 - Nikki Palikat (born November 1, 1985), better known by her stage name, "Nikki", is a Malaysian singer from Tambunan, Sabah, and a finalist in the first season of Malaysian Idol. She is ... Read More

Career Started: 1980
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