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Daniel Dumile (pronounced /ˈduːmɨleɪ/ DOO-mə-lay; born 9 January 1971) is an English-born American underground hip hop artist best known for his "super villain" stage persona and unique lyrics. Daniel Dumile has taken on several stage names in his career, most notably as MF DOOM. He has appeared in several collaborative projects such as Danger Doom (with Danger Mouse), JJ DOOM (with Jneiro Jarel) and Madvillain (with Madlib). His rap moniker is DOOM, and when producing for himself, MF will precede it, referring to his production moniker Metal Fingers. Early years with KMD: Dumile was born in 1971, in London, England, the son of a Trinidadian mother and a Zimbabwean father with an older brother Markham Temple whom he often gives much credit for many of his accomplishments. He moved with his family to New York and was raised in Long Beach, New York. As Zev Love X, he formed the group KMD in 1988 with his younger brother DJ Subroc and another MC called Rodan. When Rodan left t ... Read More

Career Started: 1988
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