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About DJ UNK
Coming from the Westside of the ATL, Unk is the multi-talented DJ / MC who has rocked High School jams, clubs and mixtapes. He now has a hot, club single titled "Walk it Out", produced by DJ Montay & Top Quality Productions, that is blazin on radio and in clubs all over the Southeast. Unk built his rep by rocking metro High School parties and jams. "I got started DJ'ing in High school, I went to Doulass, the same school T.I. went to... I DJ'd at all of the High Schools in Atlanta--Southwest Dekalb, Mays, Washington, Grady, Therrell, Avondale, you name it", he explains. In 2000, Unk hooked up with DJ Montay of the Big Oomp Camp and soon became the newest member of the Oomp Camp. "Montay helped show me some of the ropes; also DJ Jelly, MC Assault and Big Oomp... I wouldn't be where I am today without those guys" says Unk. In 2005, Unk got national exposure on BET Style with Big Tigger & Melissa Ford, DJ'ing at the Grand Opening of Club Crucial, (which is owned by T.I.), locate ... Read More

Career Started: 1998
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