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About Parks
There have been multiple artsts with this name: 1) A solo project from Saint Petersburg, Russia 2) A new-wave pop band from Jūrmala, Latvia, existing around the very early 1990s 3) The name of Sydney musical artist/project, Australia 2013 --------------------) 1) Parks is solo project of composer and musician from Saint Petersburg, Russia Igor Bystrov. Igor was born at Krasnodar, Russia in 1964. He learned in musical school, then in Sochi Musical College and Rostov Conservatory on Estrada class. At the moment Igor is living at Saint Petersburg. It's difficult enough to belongs the Parks music to a specific genre. At the first look this is an ambient, echoes of trip-hop and new age could be listened. More listening, more understanding that ambient is not more than echo due its sampler nature. Talking about samples, the people working with Igor are saying he is real master in sample processing and transforming. First album Music of full Moon was recorded in 1990 but was release ... Read More

Career Started: 2012
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