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3 artists go under the name LIL: 1) LIL is a Japanese electronica duo composed of vocalist ucio & producer TSUGE. In April 2009, their first single "me, too" was released on the iTunes and found a spot on the electronic chart. "LESSON ONE" also charted. LIL, with ucio's powerful singing and overwhelming control of an octave vocal range, initially infused elements of rock, funk, acid jazz and house. Constantly evolving, LIL uses more House, Electro, New Wave and dance influences, coming up with an original sound. Their debut album, LIPS IN LUSH, was released on March 2010. Their first full album, Synchronize was released on February 2011. Official website: 2) LiL is a Lithuanian underground hip-hop artist from Vilnius. 3) LIL was a Turkish melodic metal band. Read More

Career Started: 2009
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