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About Stereo Skyline
Stereo Skyline is a four-man Power Pop band from Long Island, New York. During their three year existence, the band has put out three to four successful EPs/Demos, have played Bamboozle 2007, Bamboozle 2009, and Bamboozle Left 2009. They have toured the country, gone through numerous lineup changes, are managed by the esteemed Ozone Management firm, booked by Paradigm Booking Agency, have signed a publishing deal with Sony/ATV, and are now signed to Columbia Records. In 2006, Matt Villani left the Pop Punk group, Valet Parking to form a new project, called Stereo Skyline. He played piano, synth, and was the lead vocalist and had Kevin Bard on guitars and vocals, Jay Marotta on guitar, Tom Angenbroich on bass, and Anthony Purpura on drums. The band recorded their debut EP, entitled "Worst Case Scenario in 2006 with producer Nick Zinnanti. Following their EP, the band began playing shows around the island. In 2007, they went through a major lineup change. Kevin Bard became the lead ... Read More

Career Started: 2006
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