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Rich Harrison, known for his hit records "Crazy in Love" Beyonce, "Soldier" Destiny Child," "One Thing" Amerie "Get Right" Jennifer Lopez, & many more is here to introduce the world to the new definition of a "Richgirl". Richcraft Records, Rich Harrison's label, presents a new era with his new four-member girl group: Richgirl. In this case the word "Rich" does not refer to material items, but rather a certain attitude and confidence, combined with individuality and talent that any girl might possess, each in their own way. Richgirl consists of four multi-talented young women, who reign from different parts of the country. All have different backgrounds and expetogether.And They All Can Sing Very Well Where Are They Know Read More

Career Started: 2007
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Tags: r&b, girl, pop, hip hop, contemporary r&b,