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Early life Max Pezzali was born on the 14th November 1967 in Pavia, Italy. His parents owned a florists near the family home. During his high school years Pezzali was held back for one year because he did not achieve the required pass grades. It was in this class that he would meet his best friend and future band mate, Mauro Repetto. Pezzali and Repetto both shared a love for rock and roll music and it was this which led to the initial idea of starting a band. Together they went on holiday to China. During their stay they purchased a cheap synthesizer, and on their return to Pavia, immediately began writing music with it. 883 Being a big fan of motorbikes, especially "Harley Davidsons", it was decided to name the group 883, after one of the models of these motorbikes. Pezzali and Repetto started their singing career at the famous Castrocaro Festival, in 1991, with the song "Hanno Ucciso L'Uomo Ragno", and became popular the next year. In 1994 Repetto left the band on good terms ... Read More

Career Started: 1991
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