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There are at least five (5) groups with the name (Jackson): [1] Jackson and His Computer Band is an IDM artist signed to Warp Records consisting of Jackson Fourgeaud, a 26-year-old Parisian composer. His style has been described as "a style orgy, a psychedelic celebration of conflict." After his acid house debut on Pumpking records in 1996, Sound Of Barclay released the "Sense Juice" and "Gourmet EPs" under the name Jackson & His Computer Band. Even then, these thumping filtered house cuts sounded weirdly different to the prevailing "French Touch" style of Daft Punk and Cassius, leading to articles in NME, I-D, Jockey Slut and the like. On the back of this acclaim, Jackson was commissioned to remix an array of artists, sprinkling his fucked-up magic over Femi Kuti, Air, Vanessa Paradis, Freeform Five and Jean Jacques Perrey and Luke Vibert's forthcoming "Moog Acid". No one has yet remixed Jackson. This year he's DJed at parties in London (everywhere from The Social to Harrod's) a ... Read More

Career Started: 2000
Tags: rock, punk, pop, power pop, alternative,