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Fabri Fibra (born Fabrizio Tarducci on 17 October 1976) is an Italian rapper. Biography: Tarducci was born in Senigallia, Marche. He became interested in music from a young age; he wrote and performed his first piece when he was 17 years old with his girlfriend, Anca Conachi. In 1995 he recorded his first demo. He created the tandem Uomini di Mare with DJ Avva, beatmaker and deejay, and in 1996 they produced the underground CD Dei del mare quest'el gruv. In 1999 Fabri and Lato produced and distributed the LP Sindrome di fine millennio ("End of the Millennium Syndrome"), with collaborations from El Presidente (also known as Esa), Inoki, Joe Cassano and his brother Nesli. Following his underground success, Fabri Fibra began performing around Italy. In 2000 he established his label and group Teste Mobili Records (Bobbing Head Records), and collaborated with various Italian rap groups, lending vocals as well as lyrics to the mixtape circuit. Solo career: Turbe Giovanili (2002): ... Read More

Career Started: 1996
Official Website: http://fabrifibra.it
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